arduino | wireless CCTV camera | balloons | portable projector | electret microphone capsules |

Research / Inspiration:
Spy Kiting - mediashed (Harwood)

The objective of the OLEUS initiative is to bring together otherwise independent practitioners, to collaborate and rapidly develop small-scale group projects, to increase awareness of the relationship between public space, interaction and media. With the OLEUS workshops we seek to create projects that mediate outdoor and public spaces and engage the local community, and to foster a network of a wider community of practice for ongoing and future practice-based research concerned with outdoor creative spaces.

OLEUS  started in 2012 as an inter-university initiative between the University of Edinburgh and Plymouth University for postgraduate students and early-career researchers. The first OLEUS event consisted of a 3-day workshop/ seminar in December 2012 (6-9th) that was hosted at ESALA, University of Edinburgh. The event was organised by Rocio von Jungenfeld (University of Edinburgh) in collaboration with David Strang (Plymouth University). The aim of the workshop was to investigate the creative possibilities of portable electronic devices in outdoor spaces within an interdisciplinary inter-university context, through the practice of creating collaborative artworks and presenting them in public outdoor spaces.

Rocio Von Jungenfeld