arduino | various integrated cicuits (555, HC414 etc) | solar cells | laser pens | LED | LDR | motors | servos | sound mixer | speakers | mirrors | hard drives | variety of hacked materials |

Research / Inspiration:
Leafcutter John
John Richards
Nicolas Collins
Anthony McCall
Paul DeMarinis

Have a look at some of the instruments built for this project.

transmission+interference is a collaborative project between David Strang and Vincent Van Uffelen exploring the creation, transmission, and interference of sound signals with light and other materials. Custom built tools are used to either create, receive or interfere (with) light and sound.

These (musical) devices are mostly hacked, combined, or (re)appropriated from common tools such as laser pointer, LEDs, solar cells, record player, computer parts, etc. However, quite often custom electronic circuits are added to allow more control and richer interactions between the devices.

The project focusses to not only research the building of devices but also processes of collaborative creation and use of them. The sounds created/explored are built up from the pure, base elements (square/sine waves, noise) and enable users to produce very raw rhythms and frequencies across quite a wide spectrum of sound. The workshop aims to explore the elements of noise and uses of it in audio devices as well as in live performance - drawing on a rich history of experimental and improvised music.

Vincent Van Uffelen