ISEA Conference, Gwangju, South Korea.
Noise and Dust workshop exploring interference potential of the minutiae.


Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China.
Dust Workshop - Collaborative and Open workshop exploring the sonic and interactive potential of dust with electronics.


Consciousness Reframed Conference, Beijing, China.
Talk and paper exploring the impact of noise (the material of Dust) in Digital Environments.
Talk and Paper.
dataAche, DRHA, University of Plymouth, UK.
Workshop exploring the potential of supposed ‘data less’ objects and materials.
ISSTA, Dundalk, Ireland.
Workshop exploring the interactions and resonance of coils and springs for sonic potential.
Cambridge Science Festival, Cambridge UK.
Noisy Embryos installation and talk with RADIX collaboration.


DeMontfort University, Leicester, UK.
Noise and Drone performance at The Laundromat by the Sea - Yan Jun provocation performance event.
T(h)inkering UnSymposium, Plymouth, UK.
Co-organized workshops / performances embracing making practices.
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
Polynesian Stick Chart workshop and research presentation.
Digital Synesthesia, ISEA Conference, Hong Kong.
transmission+interference installation at Digital Synesthesia Exhibition.
Digital Synesthesia, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria.
transmission+interference installation at Digital Synesthesia Exhibition.


Martin Howse workshop, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK.
Organized creative workshop and performance with Martin Howse - EARTH CODE.
ISEA Conference, SFU, Vancouver, Canada.
transmission+interference - 2 day workshop and performance.
ISEA Conference, SFU, Vancouver, Canada.
transmission+interference - Research paper presentation.
Undivided Mind, Plymouth University, UK.
Nomadic Noise - Research paper presentation.
Baltic Arts Centre, Gotland, Sweden.
Artist residency with RADIX collaboration.
Digital Synesthesia, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria.
Interdisciplinary workshop for Digital Synesthesia Exhibition.


Research Presentation for University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria.
Bodies-in-Between: Corporeality and Visuality from Historical Avant-garde to Social Media, Cluj, Romania.
Passive / Active bodies in Light Entropy paper presented at conference.
TransX Symposium of Transmission Art, NAISA, Toronto, Canada.
transmission+interference performance and presentation.
FIELDS Exhibition, RIXC, Riga, Latvia.
Wandering Snail installation developed by collaborative group Radix.
European Virtual Institute for Malaria Research, Heidelberg Castle, Germany.
Parasite installation.
University of Bath, UK.
Parasite installation.
Contemporary Music Festival – Plymouth, UK.
Light Entropy installation and performance with Sean Williams.


ArtLaboratory - Berlin, Germany

transmission+interference paper presented at 4th and final synaesthesia conference for ArtLaboratory Berlin.
Frown_Tails – Athens, Greece.
transmission+interference workshop and group performance.
Di-Egy Fest 0.1 – Cairo, Egypt.
transmission+interference workshop and group performance.
Micro-Residency - Studio One, Plymouth Arts Centre.
Preparation work and re-working of Distributed Presence installation.
Contemporary Music Festival – Plymouth, UK.
transmission+interference workshop and performance.


PIKSEL Festival – Bergen, Norway.
transmission+interference workshop and talk.
Live Interfaces - Leeds.
Sensitive Chaos paper for conference on decaying interfaces.
ICCI 360 - Cultural Olympics, Weymouth.
s0s visualisation and sonification based on sailing data shown in 360-degree cinema.
Transpositions – Peninsula Arts, Plymouth.
Data Unveiling shown at exhibition.
REMAKE – Brno House of Arts, Czech Republic.
Collaboration with Andrew Prior.  Online interactive installation distributed_presence,


Sonic Peripheries - University of the Arts, Bremen, Germany.

Talk, workshop and solo exhibition for Sonic Peripheries series, curated by Petra Klusmeyer.
Unleashed – TINT, London.
Workshop to remix both audio and video cityscapes.
RAFLOST – Icelandic Festival of Electronic Arts, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Interactive installation phase_vox at RAFLOST Festival.
Exquisite Corpse (five senses), Soundfjord, London.
International group show of sonic art.
REMAKE - Multiplace Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Workshop, performance and talk as part of RE-Make theme for festival.
ATRIA - Festival of Research, Plymouth.
Science and Arts collaboration analyzing two hearts in microscopic sea snails embryos to disperse sound across 56-speaker network throughout 3 atria of a building.
Interactive Installation – Estranged Spaces, Bath.
Biofeedback and eye-tracking responses to drive installation investigating perceptual fields.
ICCMR Interface Festival, Plymouth.
Live electromagnetic/noise/glitch audio/visual performance.


Video and sound artwork – Wellcome Trust.

Data Unveiling created in collaboration with artist Deborah Robinson and scientist Robert Kelsh.  Work produced entirely from zebra fish pigmentation data.
Dragonfly Festival – Sweden.
Sound artwork chosen for Soundfjord event at Dragonfly Festival, Sweden.
Hartera Music/Arts Festival – Rijeka, Croatia.
Workshop and installation in abandoned paper factory as part of ZEBRA.
Soundfjord, London.
Noise selected for open day Soundart Jukebox.
Perception Lab – Detmold School of Architecture, Germany.
Workshop and talk on experimental sound/space practices using Pure Data and Arduino.
Fish – Eye – I with Deborah Robinson, ICIA, Bath.
Sound design from raw data of genetically modified zebra fish for exhibition.
The Poetics of Space: Mapping out the Sonic Unconscious, Dartington.
Experimental sound lab with artist Petra Klusmeyer.
ICCMR Interface festival, Plymouth.
Live noise performance at electronic music festival.


Future Places – Radio Futura, Lisbon.

Live broadcast for arts radio station during Future Places festival.
i-design09 – University of Westminster, London.
transmission+interference selected for kinetic/interactive show.
Pan-demonium – AC Institute [Direct Chapel], New York.
Clamor Calligraphy selected for exhibition.
Freesound – Plymouth Arts Centre.
transmission+interference and Invisible Soundscapes workshops.
Film Academy – Plymouth Arts Centre.
Talk on sound+vision/synaesthesia.
Freesound – Plymouth Arts Centre.
Rigging in the rain selected for exhibition.
Passing Through – James Taylor Gallery, London.
Tiny Moments shown at interactive/immersive/physical computing exhibition.
24 Fragments – Fragmented Orchestra.
Building Systems exhibited for live event as part of The Fragmented Orchestra by Jane Grant, John Matthias and Nick Ryan.


Soundcube –

Rigging in the Rain selected for online exhibition.
Crossing over: Exchanges in Art and Biotechnologies – R.I.
Sound design for Cocoon by Kathleen Rogers. Royal Institute, London.
Sound:Space – South Hill Park.
Resonant Space – Q121 shown as part of screenings at sound art symposium.
Power Plant - Liverpool.
Tiny Moments selected for outdoor sound and light trail in Calderstone Park.
Quantify Play – Jago Gallery, London.
message_in_a_bottle shown at group show.
Collision Festival of Experimental Arts – Area 10, London.
Tiny Moments selected for experimental sound, light and performance festival.
Pontoon Art Exhibition – Oxford.
Commissioned to create site-specific work under Folly Bridge, Oxford.
Essense – Beldam Gallery, London.
Mast selected for multi-sensory exhibition.
Stoj kto idet? Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.
Clamor Calligraphy created in collaboration with artist Yelena Popova.
Daily Constitutional’s Soundcast.
Rigging in the Rain selected for online exhibition.
Electric Blue Exhibition.
Tiny Moments and Flying Fish (Yelena Popova) at The Bargehouse, London.
Sound Designer/Recordist – Tremor.
Installation at Genesis – The Art of Creation, Zentrum Paul Klee, Switzerland.


Sound/Interactive Environment Designer – Mugnificent Stereo.

Interactive video and sound installation. 
Creator of Resonant Space-Q121.
Site-specific sound and light installation in Europe’s largest wind tunnel.
Sound Designer/Recordist – Tremor.
Field recordings of Zebra fish facility at UCL, London. Installation at Genesis, Utrecht.